Reset yourself daily

What do you run to first when you notice that you are coming down with a yucky bodily imbalance…AKA…sick?? You can be sick not only just physically but spiritually, psychologically etc. These can be adapted to heal and strengthen you daily.

Here are my go to’s for when I’m not my greatest:

Extra sleep – whether it’s a cat nap during the day or cutting out extra things “to do” so I can get to bed earlier.

Taking herbs – there are a plethora of herbs out there that can assist your body in healing itself.  I usually make an infusion of herbs in a large jar and sip on it throughout the day. Echinacea, ginger, dandelion, red raspberry, chamomile, and elderberry are some that I like to have on hand.

Meditation- I tend to do 10-minute increment meditations (I’m getting better with sitting) but even that positively affects the rest of my day and I feel more peaceful and together. I focus on the rising and falling of my stomach in the dantien/hara region (midway between the belly button and pubic region), I also repeat hesi (chants)/mantras throughout the day as a form of meditation/refocusing.

Ritual- The hours between 4 and 6 am are very sacred. During this time the veil between this world and that of the spirit is very thin. Your brain also hasn’t been bogged down with the days’ stresses and worries. This is the perfect time for rituals such as the Opening of the Way- a Kemetic ritual started by Baba Hru Ankh Ra Semahj Se Ptah- the chief priest and elder of the Shrine of Ptah. The Opening of the Way honors the four directions and main bodily organs and Forces of Nature/Neter.

Prayer- Hekau or words of power/affirmations are very important in my tradition. Rather than begging for the Divine to do something, we command them to work on our behalf (in a positive and empowering manner). I also use hekau throughout my day as mantras to empower and remind myself of my Divinity.

Self-Care- Take care of your body.  Set some time aside to nourish your body. I like to use a nourishing face scrub, a facial massage or steam, a body scrub weekly. You should tend to your hair daily, even if it’s in a protective style. You can even lightly spritz it with a light moisturizing conditioner daily, it doesn’t have to be much.

Spiritually cleanse your body/your home- Sweep/Mop/clean your home with herbs/oils/vinegar to raise the vibration. Open a window or two and burn sage or palo santo/or any other incense throughout your home. Cleanse your body with a spiritual bath or herbs/oils with cleansing/empowering properties. Repeat affirmations/ words of power while you do this.

Journal/Talk- Writing and/or talking helps to remove frustrations from yourself. Keep your heart light. Talk it out with a loved one, forgive them, forgive yourself, move on. You can do a mini ritual y writing on a piece of paper what you want to get off of your chest or something you will like to manifest. Fold the paper towards you if its something you want; fold it away from you if its something you want to release. Then burn the paper in a bowl/cauldron or other heat safe container.

These are practices I use to get my head right and reconnect. I hope they can be helpful to you as well.






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