Deciding to heal

There comes a point in time when we know that the time has come for healing. We may procrastinate, weigh the pros and cons, come up with excuses, but the fact remains that we need to begin our journey. We have to work on ourselves in order to be a complete and actualized being. However, if we are overwhelmed with complaints we become distracted from becoming our best selves.

No matter how beautiful the outside, true beauty comes from within and we have to heal from within in order to be whole. We decide the time is right for healing sometimes by being backed against the wall with a frightening diagnosis, a strained relationship or just being sick and tired of being sick and tired.

Whatever it is that brought you to the path of healing is valid and there is no better time to start your journey than right now. Right now at this moment, you don’t need a bunch of herbal products, prescriptions or self-help books. Right now all you need is yourself and the conscious decision of “I want to be well”. Well, guess what? Deliverance from the shame, pain, and suffering is your right and together we can do it! Sickness and ailments don’t run us, we run them… Away! The years of embarrassment, feeling disempowered, feeling like damaged goods are over.

Hold my hand and let’s walk this journey together. This is a judgment-free zone.

Please consult your licensed medical practitioner before attempting any of the suggestions listed on this blog.

Your health is in your own hands

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