Hope on the horizon

Peace and Light!

I am Lauren and welcome to my blog.

I am a health educator, natural lifestyle advocate, energy healer among other things. As a healer, I realized that I have to walk the talk and heal myself first. Here I will share my journey towards bringing a more natural and holistic experience into my life and that of my family. Natural remedies, spirituality, family life, culture, history, recipes and more will be discussed. I am in need of healing on so many levels and I’m sure you need some support as well. I will encourage you towards higher levels of self-care as you will me.

This world has taken a lot from many of us, and it is now our chance to correct it. My husband and I strive every day to overcome the obstacles that would try and make us statistics. We want better lives for ourselves and our child.

We all know that living a healthy and balanced life is important, but many times lack the tools in order to achieve it. We can be healthy inside and out.We can work to heal our past and present.

You don’t have to be a victim anymore! Grab a hold of your wellness! Let’s Go!




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